Man Up Monday – Bye Bye Shoulders

It has been a while since we have brought them out to play so today girls and boys the kettlebells are back with a vengeance and your shoulders are going to be sorry.

For todays kettlebell training session you will need to set yourself up a timer, set for 10 minutes. In the 10 minutes you have to try and do as many reps as possible of the sequence below.

Kettlebell Swing: Hold the kettlebell in one hand with your arm straight down, pull your hips back and thrust forward, using the momentum to keep the kettlebell travelling up to level with your shoulders.

Kettlebell Clean:  Use the same thrusting motion as the swing but this time rather than keeping your arms straight bend your elbow and pull the kettlebell in and hold in front of your chest.

Kettlebell Press: Press the kettlebell above your head.

Kettlebell Overhead Squat: Continuing to hold the kettlebell above your head perform a squat

Kettlebell Snatch: Again using the hip thrusting motion, but this time getting the kettlebell to a position straigh aboce your head, with you arm locked out.

Go through this sequence once and then change sides and repeat. do this as many times as possible in 10 minutes, remember to post your times below.

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