Man Up Monday – Chin Up Challenge

Happy Man Up Monday!

I hope you all like chin ups because there will be plenty of those for you to get through today.

For the challenge you will need to set up a timer to go off every minute. 

In the first minute you only need to do 1 chin up,
in the 2nd minute do 2 chin ups,
in the 3rd minute do 3 chin ups.

Continue this pattern, increasing the number of chin ups you need to perform by 1 every minute until you are unable to do the required number of chin ups inside the minute time frame.

Good Luck. Post the time you finished on and the total number of chin ups performed below.

One thought on “Man Up Monday – Chin Up Challenge

  1. Nathan Tieppo

    Completed 14 in the 14th minute but could only manage 10 in the 15th set.
    Total chin ups = 115

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