Man Up Monday – Double the Fun

We all know how much fun the good old kettlebell is. So for today’s workout we are going to make it even more fun by using double kettlebells for every exercise. 

The goal of the session will be to get through 5 rounds of the following as quick as possible. 

20 x D/B Kettlebell Swing (With a kettlebell in each hand perform a kettlebell swing using your hips to thrust the kettlebell up.)

20 x Rengade Row (Start in a push up position with hands on top of the kettlebell, pull one kettlebell up to your hip. Repeat on the other side. Each side will count as 1 rep.)

20 x Alternating Kettlebell Clean (Start with one kettlebell at shoulder height the other held down between your legs. As you clean that kettlebell up drop the other one down to between your legs. Each clean will count as one rep.)

20 x Floor Press (Lay on the floor in a hip bridge position holding both kettlebells and press them straight up from your chest.)

20 x Overhead Squat (Hold both kettlebells above your head and perform a squat.)

Good Luck, remember to post your time below

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