Man Up Monday Personal Fitness Workout 12

Welcome to a brand new week and yet another build up to the grand final. No doubt there are quite a few people who are in desperate need of a massive workout to release some frustration that has built up over the weekend.

Well here it is people. Find yourself a pair of boxing gloves, and a punching bag or a friend with a pair of focus pads.

Set up a timer for 90 seconds, with a 60 second rest. And do the following combinations for the length of the round.

Round 1. Jab, jab, cross

Round 2. Jab, jab, cross, duck

Round 3. Jab, jab cross, duck, r/uppercut

Round 4. L/Uppercut,  r/uppercut, l/uppercut

Round 5. L/Uppercut,  r/uppercut, l/uppercut, r/ hook

Round 6. L/Uppercut,  r/uppercut, l/uppercut, r/hook, l/hook

Round 7. Jab, duck, jab

Round 8. Jab, duck, jab, cross

Round 9. Jab, duck, jab, cross, l/ uppercut

Round 10. Jab, duck, jab, cross, l/ uppercut, r/ hook

Round 11. Jab, cross, l/hook

Round 12. Jab, cross, l/hook, r/hook

If you are a natural left hander, switch all of the left side punches to right and right punches to left.

Hopefully this workout will help to alleviate any built up frustration that you have lingering.

Have fun!!!!

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