Man Up Monday Personal Fitness Workout #23

sprint trainingWell it looks like it is going to be an amazing day today (getting so confused with this up and down weather). So for todays workout we are going to get outside and enjoy the glorious Melbourne sunshine while it lasts, just remember to put on a bit of sunscreen.

Ok so todays workout is going to be a pretty high intensity running session and you will need a timer & a couple of cones or markers 50m apart.

The workout is 10 x 50m sprints in 15 seconds. The aim is to sprint the 50m as fast as possible and use the remainder of the 15sec as your rest (ie: sprint 50m in 8sec & rest for 7 sec)

Keep doing this until you have done 10, 50m sprints then have a rest for 2 minutes repeat all of this for 4 sets.

However if you find you are tiring and just making it to the 50m marker and having to run again reduce the distance by 5m.

Good Luck.

Let us know how you go with it

One thought on “Man Up Monday Personal Fitness Workout #23

  1. Sukkhjeephak

    If your below 16, you can still work out. Just do push ups, situps, sqauts, running, swimming, sport etc. Just be active and eat healty stuff. This is good excercise for growing bodies and will help you when you start working out.When your 16 you can start working out. BUT! Make sure you dont lift anything to heavy, do lite weights many times(when i say lite i mean not so heavy that you have to strain extremely hard just to do 1, lite means hard to lift, but you can still do quite a few without having to stop)Doing this will tone your body and give you a good figure.Only start doing really heavy weights (if you want to) when you have stopped growing, for guys its around 19 years of age.Remember, if you exercies one part of your body, remember to do the other, in other words dont just focus on one area of your body.Before you start working out (when your 16/17) talk to your sport teacer or someone else about what to do and what not to.AND DONT TAKE STEROIDS!!!!!!!

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