Man Up Monday Personal Fitness Workout #24

Good Morning, hope you had a great weekend and you are all looking forward to some well deserved time off to relax over the next few weeks.

Yet again the weather today is looking a bit ominous so for todays workout we will be using exercise that can be done indoors just about anywhere, as long as you have the space to lay down on the ground and jump in the air you are set.

Our ‘Man Up’ Monday circuit for today is


Mountain Climbers

Push Ups

Get Ups

Tuck Jumps

V Sit

Ok, so here is the fun part start at 2 reps of each exercise as you complete the circuit add an additional 2 reps on each time building to 10 reps and then back down again (apart from mountain climbers – start @10 and add 10 more each time).

Good Luck, be sure to record your time and post it below.

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