Man Up Monday Personal Fitness Workout #5

Did you have a pretty soft weekend? Well it’s time to man up a little with the Man Up Monday workout.

This week we have a cardio session in the great outdoors. For this one you will need to find yourself an athletics track or football oval.

The workout will be 4 x 400m sprints in 4 minutes.
This will be one lap of an athletics track and should roughly be one lap of a football oval. The aim is to run as fast as you can around the track /oval. Your rest will be the remainder of the time left in the 4 minutes (eg: if it takes you 1 minute & 20 seconds to run a lap then you will rest for 2 minutes & 40 seconds) so the faster you run the more rest you have earned! Repeat this until you have done 4 laps.

Make sure you have a good warm up before commencing the first sprint.

Take note of all of your times and post them up along with the location of the track or oval you ran around


To veiw image at original source: http://bit.ly/aDt79t

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