Man Up Monday Personal Fitness Workout #7

Monday is here and it’s time to get your dose of man up. The best part is it looks like it is going to be an absolutely beautiful day. Perfect for heading outdoors and getting stuck into a solid workout.

For today’s workout head down to your local park/playground and we will have a resistance session utilizing the play equipment

Perform the following exercises as a circuit;

Box jumps x 12 – ( find a platform or bench between 20 – 50cm high depending on ability, and jump on top of it and step back down)

Chin ups x 10 – ( use a monkey bar for chin ups.)

Dips x 12 – use some parallel bars or rails to perform some full weighted dips or a bench to keep your feet on the floor)

Step up x 12 – On platform keep one foot on platform and stand straight up until both feet are on the platform then step back down. Do 12 then switch feet.

Pole climb x 3 – Use a vertical pole and start sitting on the floor at the base and climb to the top without using you legs then slide down.

Push ups x 20 – you can vary these by having your feet or hands raised.

Repeat the circuit 5 times.

Good luck and enjoy the workout.

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