Man Up Monday Personal Fitness Workout #9

Its the first Monday of spring and so far it’s looking like another great day. So yet again it will be perfect to get outside and have a bit of a run.

For todays workout you will need to mark out 1km, many running tracks will have 1km markers along the way, or it will be 2 1/2 laps of an athletics track and roughly the same for a footbal oval. You will also need a stop watch.

After a good warm up;

Run the 1km as fast as possible

Rest for 3 minutes

Repeat this and try to get your time within 10 seconds of the original.

The workout will end once your time has dropped more than 30 seconds below your original time.

Good Luck

Let us know how you go. Post your best time and the amount of 1km runs you did.

To view image at original location: http://bit.ly/aDt79t

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