Man Up Monday – Sleigh Bells

With less than a week to go until Christmas, even our Man Up Monday workouts are getting some Christmas cheer.

For your Christmas workout we are going to be using 2 of every ones favourite pieces of equipment, the Sled and the Kettlebells.

As for the workout, well thats is pretty straight forward.

You have 10 minutes to do as many rounds as you can or the following

50 x Kettlebell Swing (Hold on to the kettlebell with both hands. Using your hips to drive the motion swing the kettlebell in a pendulum motion. 

10 x 10m Sled Push (Pretty simple, get down low and push the sled)

Enjoy the workout, comment below to let us know your time. 

From all of us at Revolution Personal Training South Melbourne have a Merry Christmas!

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