Man Up Monday – The 8 Challenge

It Monday again and that means its time to Man Up a little with the perfect little way to get your week kick started.

This workout is based on the number 8. So you will be doing just 2 exercises but do as many sets of 8 repetitions as you can in 8 minutes.

The 2 exercises you will be doing are:

K/B Single Leg Deadlift: Holding a kettlebell in each hand, stand on one leg and bend from the hip, keeping your back flat, and touch the kettlebells to the ground. Use your glutes and hamstrings to pull yourself upright. (8 reps on each leg)

K/B Renegade Row: Start in a push up postion on top of the kettlebells, perform a push up, then pull the kettlebell up to you hip, on arm at a time.

Do as many sets of these 2 exercises as you can in 8 minutes and post your total sets in the comments below

Have fun!

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