Moderation in Moderation

Moderation in ModerationStarting, and continuing for that matter, on a healthy lifestyle plan can be tough.  Many people end up throwing in the towel as things get harder because they get bored with the monotony of there regime.

Remember always strive for balance in your life.  Balance your exercise with your rest and relaxation.  Balance your intake of fluids, ensure you are eating well.

And remember, everything in moderation and that includes moderation!

When you feel like having a blow out… Do it!  Just remember to get back on track with the very next meal, if not then, the next day.  Especially if you are feeling the effects of a hang over for example.  Get out for a walk at very least.

But remember always try to minimize the effects or size of your slip up.  A four day bender is not going to really do wonders for your waistline or fitness levels but a meal off once a week is something that can be accounted for.  Speak to a personal trainer about way you can minimize your blow outs, and hopefully be prepared better for times when you are at risk.

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