Exercise Myth Busters #18

StretchingThe Health and Fitness Benefits of Mind-Body Exercise like Tai Chi and Yoga are questionable.

In fact, research shows the benefits of these types of exercise continues to grow.
 Although they may appear to be very gentile forms of exercise some styles of these mind-body exercises can actually be very rigorous and straining as well as having vast benefits for you body. 
Tai-Chi, for example, has been shown to help treat lower back pain.
  Both Tai-Chi and Yoga can improve flexibility, balance and co-ordination which is very important in falls prevention for the more senior of us members of the community.  It also has been shown to improve posture, strength and the management of stress.  These benefits could obiously help all of us!
 These are just two forms of Mind-Body exercise but they go someway to proving the potential of Mind-Body exercise.
 Give it a try!

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