Myth Busters #46

Swimming is better than walking for weight loss

In general circumstances, the best exercises for weight loss are those that involve weight-bearing such as walking or jogging. Up to 30% less energy is used in activities such as swimming or cycling because they do not directly involve you weight-bearing through your legs however both these forms of exercise are low impact option for exercise.  The effectiveness of swimming is also very dependant on things like technique and experience. Someone who has never swam before is likely to do a lot of thrashing about, get tired very quickly and not get very far. More experienced swimmers will be able to swim a lot further at greater speed increasing their total energy expenditure and having a great effect on weight loss with out impacting on joints. But there is only one to get to that stage which is practice so don’t be scared to jump in the pool and get swimming especially if you are prone to overuse or impact injuries.

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