New Years ResolutionWe associate the beginnings of a new calendar with the beginnings of a new self. A Resolution – a new chance to gather the motivation and clarity to achieve something we hold significant. Now is the time to draw on the resources of the professionals around you to help plan and achieve your health and fitness goals for the year.

Some of us have enormous carrots dangling in front of us to lose weight and be healthier (a sporting event, wedding, health concerns etc.) and some have to dig a little deeper to find motivation. When it comes to getting results, you can’t underestimate the power of good planning. I, personally, am reminded of the (albeit crude) words of my under 13’s soccer coach:

“Proper Preparation and Planning Prevents Piss-Poor Performance”

Our interpretation of a New Years RESOULTION has been rebranded to a New Year’s “BODY TUNE REVOLUTION”. This is where you, Revolutionaries and Body Tuners, have a clear advantage. You have the absolute privilege of having a team around you who have dedicated years of training to help plan and prepare you for these challenges and strive on reaching your goals. 

At BODY TUNE, we can help you plan your recovery and speedy return to activity and work, prepare your body for the new stresses placed on it and can even help to prevent future injuries by correcting your posture and technique while providing tailored stretching programs. We will look at your posture, recommend strengthening exercises and maintain your body by encouraging regular visits for recovery and proactive soft tissue release. 

Our two professional and resident therapists at Body Tune South Melbourne will help you achieve your 2013 goals. Annabel is Qualified in Remedial Massage and has a background in Osteopathy and Kelwyn is a qualified in Myotherapy. Together they work with professional athletes of Melbourne Heart Soccer Club and Melbourne Rebels Rugby Team. This knowledge and experience translates into every treatment at Body Tune, and we look forward to working with you to reach your healthy best.

Happy New Year from the team at Body Tune South Melbourne

Annabel Ranford and Kelwyn Chaston.

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