Struggling To Find Healthy Snack Options?

Eating regularly can help to maximize energy levels and concentration, and can help improve food choice. Take food with you to make sure something suitable is always available.

Select from the following low fat, low glycemic index foods. As with everything however, remember portion control is the key

– Fresh fruit.

– Canned fruit in natural juices.

– Low fat flavored yoghurt such as Yoplait light, Nestle, or Vaalia.

– Light Fruche or Le Rice.

– Dry Crackers such as Ry Vita or Vita Wheat topped with low fat cheese, low fat dip, tomato, jam, honey or vegemite.

– Homemade popcorn.

– Fruit loaf topped with jam or honey.

– Fruit salad.

– Skinny milk cappuccino.

– Sultanas.

– Mixed dried fruit.

– Handful of mixed dried fruits and nuts.

– Low fat yoghurt and mixed nuts.

– Fruit and bran muffin

– Breakfast cereal and low fat milk.

– Grainy toasting muffins

– Commercial salsa dip with oven baked pita bread.

– Low fat fruit smoothie.

– Low fat dips and chapatti bread.

– Low fat milkshake.

– Low fat soy milkshake.

– Toasted soy linseed bread or fruit toast

– Hard Boiled Eggs

– Rice Crackers

– Tinned Tuna

– Tinned bean and corn mix

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