Episode 35 – Bobby Maximus: The most important person to believe in is yourself.

Meet Bobby Maximus. Otherwise known as Rob MacDonald. General Manager at Gym Jones, former UFC fighter, father, husband and pretty much the most hard-working, committed and jacked human being getting around. I love this guy so much and know there is so much each of us can learn from his incredible work ethic, passion and […]



Turmeric for immunity

Eat well to stay well.

Foods That Improve Your Immune System Your stomach is related closely to your immune system.  What we eat can have a significant effect on how we feel and often we become run down with an illness.   This is important especially during the winter cold and flu season! Quite often an internet search will come […]







Weightlifting guru and all round awesome guy Lester Ho speaks to Jane Erbacher about all things lifting.

Jane was super nervous about this episode before recording as she was familiar with @lesterhokw The Training Geek only from afar and was well aware of his reputation. As a result she’s a bag of nerves for the 1st 5 minutes! But once you’ll listen you’ll realise that this guy is the real deal. He […]