Man Up Monday Personal Fitness Workout 12

Welcome to a brand new week and yet another build up to the grand final. No doubt there are quite a few people who are in desperate need of a massive workout to release some frustration that has built up over the weekend. 

Well here it is people. Find yourself a pair of boxing gloves, and a punching bag or a friend with a pair of focus pads. 



Lazy Sunday @ Paintball

Good morning, well its the post AFL grand final aftermath and no doubt there are a few sore heads waking up in Melbourne today.

But just to get you up and active for a sensational Melbourne Sunday afternoon, try and get together with a group of friends and head on down to your nearest paintball centre for afternoon full of fun, laughs and the odd bruise too.



Exercise Myth Busters #34

You can’t pick and choose the specific areas that you’d like to burn fat from. In order to reduce your fat stores you need to carry-out a calorie restricted diet together with a training program that combines both cardiovascular and strength-based exercises







Exercise Myth Busters #33

Eating more protein will cause new muscle growth Our body uses protein to rebuild muscles that have been damaged during exercise or weight training. However consuming extra protein will not simply result in you gaining extra muscle but rather for your muscle to grow and strengthen you need to provide it with a physical stimulus […]