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By listening you might also hear some pretty rad shit on how to create some 

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They’re shoes that get this sort of response…

Jane Erbacher: For a while now, I’ve been looking for somebody to work with on the podcast who aligns with our message, and I’ve found them in LALO Tactical. Anybody who knows me knows that I love shoes, and what kind of shoes am I usually in? Well, definitely ones that go with my 24/7 activewear, so trainers, obviously. Well, LALO Tactical have built a shoe that is lightweight, breathable, good looking, and able to be cross trained or run in.

  What I really like about LALO is that they are not just about creating the best product possible, but they are based on the underlying message that we must choose our own path, whatever that may be, and do it with purpose, hard work, and determination. I met LALO through Gym Jones two years ago, and since then, I’ve not only felt and witnessed firsthand the benefits of their product, but I’ve seen their engagement with the community and they are the real deal. They are living with purpose. They work hard, and they’re determined to have an impact. If they weren’t as great as I’m saying, I would not be aligned with them.

The Your Revolution Podcast on Stitcher  So what does this mean for you? Well, for Your Revolution listeners, LALO have an offer. Buy any athletic shoe on the LALO website at 30% off by using the promo code BeBetter30. Their athletic designs put an emphasis on noise reduction, support, and overall performance. LALO athletic shoes really are gear that hit the mark time after time. This offer is valid until October 31st, 2017. Shipping is not included and you must set up a profile for the code to work on the website. It is available only on the US website.

  As well as this, LALO and I would love to give away some shoes, and you don’t just have to be in the US to win. Simply share the podcast, any episode you like, on social media and tag me in it. @Jane.Erbacher. Then, you’ll go into the draw to win a pair. You have until September 22nd to enter. For anymore info on LALO’s range, you can check out LALOTactical.com. I hope that you like the episode.

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