Recovering From Exercise

Recovery, it’s a word that I’m sure all of us have heard and know how important it can be in regards to exercise, but how many of use actually put into place a strategy that will help us to recover from exercise faster, so that we are ready to tackle another training session sooner? This article will look at three strategies that have been shown to be effective at helping you to recover and can be done at home for a relatively low ongoing cost. A study by Gill, Beaven & Cook, showed that these three strategies were able to help you recover from exercise up to twice as fast as if you were to do nothing.
The first strategy is active recovery; this involves performing light low impact exercise for around 10 minutes after an intense training session. The best way to do this would be cycling at between 60-100 RPM, or a 10 minute light walk immediately after you finish your workout. This method has been shown to improve blood circulation and increase the rate at which lactate is removed from your muscles.
Another method that was tested with great result was wearing a compression garment after exercise. In the study mentioned above, participants were asked to wear a compression garment (ie: skins, Under Armour, 2XU, etc) for 12 hours after exercise. This was found to greatly improve the ability of various physiological variables within your body to return to near normal levels after exercise.
Finally we have contrast water therapy. This recovery method involves alternating between hot water & cold water which can easily be done in a shower, by spending 1 minute under cold water then about 2 minutes under hot water and repeating this at least 2-3 times. It has been proposed that this helps your muscle to “pump” out any lactate by constricting and dilating blood vessels.
So after your next hard training session give one of these methods a try and see if it helps you to recover and feel a little better that little bit sooner.

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