Revolution Personal Training Inaugurates a New Personal Training Studio in Melbourne

Monash University Obesity and Diabetes Institute ranks Australia among the fattest nations in the world. Opening of the New Melbourne training studio has come as a welcome relief for the South Melbourne residents. With the “state-of-the-art” personal training centre, people can now stay healthy, strong and fit.

Managing director of Revolution Personal Training, Luke Scott said, “We are now gearing up to train our customers in our new centre. We offer customized training solutions for corporate training as well as personal training in our studio”.

Scott further stated that the training studio offers mobile personal training services for the convenience of the customers.

The fact that this fitness studio is not a gym makes it all the more different from the rest of the fitness centers or gyms in the areas, said the managing director.

“We do not operate like the gyms and offer personalized training sessions for small groups. We dedicatedly offer high quality personalized training services for benefit of our clients”.

Cases of obesity have doubled in Australia over the past 20 years.

While celebrating the studio’s eighth birthday Scot said, “Our trained experts take good care of each of the clients to offer maximum benefit. We are proud to announce opening of another fitness studio in South Melbourne”.

One of the satisfied customers of Revolution Personal Training studio was very excited to share her experience with Revolution Training Personal Studio.

“Luke trained me for six years and I have no words to express what a fantastic trainer he was. He was a health guru and had tremendous knowledge about different exercises and healthy diet. He makes each of the sessions exciting and different. His inspirational messages during the training keep me going. I must say Revolution Personal Training has some of the most committed and professional team of experts. I have recommended many of my friends and colleagues to join this fitness-training institute.”  

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  1. Elhadj

    Hi, I am interested in joinnig your studio and possibly getting some personal training sessions. I was wondering what your rates would be if I decided to do say a 3 month program? I just want to get an idea of the cost. Thank you very much!

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