Kevin Toonen – The Resilience and Transferability of Training

Jane Erbacher: Hello. Welcome to this week’s episode of the Your Revolution podcast. My name is Jane Erbacher. I am so excited because I am up in Sidney right now, and I’m sitting across from one of my … I’m having a total fan girl moment that’s lasted the last three hours since I met you. I’m sitting across from one of my absolute favourite Instagram accounts. Can I call you an Instagram account?

Kevin Toonen: You can. Yeah, that’s fine.

Jane Erbacher: Or are you a person?

Kevin Toonen: I’m a person. Yeah.

Jane Erbacher: You’re a person too. This is Kevin Toonen, everybody, or better known as Strength Elite, so if you are not following him, you’re crazy, and you have to start following him because he’s absolutely amazing. I’m really, really, really excited to be sitting here today because I finally got to meet you. That’s the main reason I’m excited.

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