Surviving The Winter Blues with Personal Training in Melbourne

Outdoor Winter Personal Training10 tips to help keep you going when it gets tough.
Now that the winter chills have truly set in, it can be hard to keep going with an exercise program and you may lack the motivation required to keep at it. Here are a few tips you could try to help keep you motivated.

1. Reassess your fitness goals. Where do you want your fitness to be in six months time? Now is the perfect time to start getting into shape for summer. Exercise plans can typically take around 3 months before your results will really start taking shape and you will be able to notice major differences, if you want to avoid the summer rush start getting focused now. If you stick to it by summer time you should be looking and feeling sensational.

2. Do it with Friends. Having someone right there beside you to keep you going is fantastic motivation. Find a friend with similar goals and make exercise fun, If you are enjoying being active and exercising that is when you are most likely to continue with your program and you will achieve your best results. You could even start an exercise group and use exercise as a catch up time for all your friends, start with a work out and finish with a warm ‘cuppa’.

3. Do it indoors. Stay in the comfort and warmth of a building, if it is to cold to go outside head down to the gym and use a treadmill or bike. If that’s not your thing head down to your local video store and get moving with some aerobics or yoga videos or if you have them a set of stairs can also be a great workout. Or you can just be imaginative, you can make a work out up with ordinary household objects and furniture, all you need to do is remember to be imaginative if your moving and your heart rate is up, it is exercise.

4. Get an Outdoor Personal Trainer. A good personal trainer can not only guide you with proper exercises and techniques to help you reach your goals. They can be an excellent source of motivation as they will show up for a session even when your feeling lazy and can’t be bothered. They will also be able to provide you with additional information on health and nutrition.

5. Rug up. Stay warm by starting with extra layers of workout gear. As you warm up take items off to make sure you don’t overheat. Just remember to put it all back on when you’re finished to prevent you from catching a cold. Undergarments such as skins / tights and other thermal wear can help to keep your body warm, they will also prevent cold chills by wicking sweat away from your body.

6. Set up a home gym. Revolution Personal Training Melbourne can help you with this.  Having all the equipment available to you at any time you want makes exercise a lot easier to fit in your day. With all the equipment at home staring you in the face it will be hard to make up any excuses. You could also use the time you will be saving to have an extra half an hour in bed rather than get up to go to the gym.

7. Have a warm meal before you start. Something like toast, hot porridge or even coffee before you start can help to provide you with a warm feeling inside that is sure to increase your motivation levels before you get started.

8. Go Shopping. That’s right girls you can use a trip to the shops as exercise, have fun though, you don’t need to work up a sweat just as long as your moving. Any movement is a lot better than none. You can start by finding the parking spot furthest away from the shopping center entrance.

9. Go to the local pool. It may sound like a crazy idea in the middle of winter but most local swimming pools are indoors, heated and can actually be a warm exercise alternative, whether you want to swim, walk, run or take a water aerobics class. You may just be surprised at how warm the water can be.   Afterwords you may also be able to treat yourself to a toasty spa or sauna session.

10. Just do it. Getting up and braving all the hard work and cold weather can seem like a chore. However if you persevere with it, it will all be worth while once you reach your goals and look and feel like a million bucks.

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