Ten Tips when looking for a personal trainer.

Tips on finding a professional personal trainer

1.) Registration with the peak body.  In Australia that’s Fitness Australia – Fitness Australia is the peak registration body for personal trainers throughout Australia. Trainers need to fulfill ongoing requirements to maintain their registration.  Make sure your trainer is up to date!

2.) Experience – I wouldn’t trust my car to an apprentice Mechanic for a full engine rebuild.  A minor service… Maybe. Make sure if you have specialist needs you seek a specialist trainer.

3.) Personality – Do you click with this person? You will need to as you will probably be spending a fair bit of time with them. You also need to know what you don’t want as well.  Like a trainer pictured in this photo…

4.) Qualifications – As with No. 2 if you have specialist needs ensure your trainer has the quals to match that. If you are only after some basics then you probably won’t need to be quite as picky. For me, my body is my number one asset so I’m not taking it to any old butcher!

5.) Connivence – Are you someone who finds appointments hard to keep? Look for a trainer who fits your schedule perfectly or your appointments will become another inconvenience as opposed to them fulfilling your need of a structured routine.

6.) Can they deliver – This may seem a little shallow but shouldn’t you have a trainer that looks the goods? After all if they cannot practice what they preach what good are they to you? Your trainer doesn’t need to be the reincarnation Arnold in Conan the Barbarian but the should exhibit some of the qualities you are looking to improve in yourself.

Have you heard the saying never trust a skinny chef? Well, the same kinda goes in this industry I believe. Never trust an over weight trainer!

7.) All the gear and no idea – Don’t let a trainer with all of the latest bells and whistles fool you.  A lot of the time this could be considered compensating for something! This industry once again is one that can ofter be drawn into a fad.  The tried and tested traditional methods with the years behind them to back them up can be the most effective option the majority of the time. Don’t be fooled.

8.) Motivating? You want someone who is going to be able to push you. Can they inspire you to get out those last few reps?

9.) Respect – Will they respect you? Respect your goals what motivates you and and what you are wanting to achieve? Are they a legitimate operator in it for the long haul? Or someone in it for a quick buck? Are they well respected by their peers? Or a bit seedy and shady?

10.) Do they have the runs on the board? Looking for a trainer with results in the area you and wanting to improve is key. Look for testimonials from current or former customers. A trainer who has changed someones body or life would definitely be some people want to tell others about!

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