The Ins & Outs Of Exercise: How To Squeeze It Into Your Day

Exercise is the best way to improve a person’s mood as well as their overall health. People who exercise look and feel much better than those who do not exercise. The health benefits of exercise include less stress, less anxiety, improvement in quality of life, reduced risk of some cancers, weight control, and a healthier immune system. According to the CDC, all it takes is 30 minutes of moderate exercise each day to greatly improve a person’s quality of life and overall health. When a person exercises, their mood is boosted, which helps people feel more cheerful, happier, and relaxed. All of these lead to an improvement in physical and mental health.

The only downfall to exercise is that so many people fail to realize the extent of the benefits they will receive from exercise. For people who have little time, and little desire to exercise, there are ways to incorporate some fitness into their daily routine using common exercise techniques as well as less than common techniques.

One way for people to incorporate exercise into their daily life to improve their mood and overall health is to start walking. People don’t have to go outside to walk; they can simply invest in some home gym equipment. Treadmills and ellipticals are great pieces to invest in. Those who want to walk can park their treadmill in front of the television and get some exercise while watching their favorite morning news programs or night time programs.

Additionally, home workout videos are great. People can invest in dance DVDs, yoga DVDs, and a variety of other at home workout DVDs that will allow them to workout at home while the kids are sleeping or dinner is cooking.

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There are additional benefits to those who make the choice to workout outside. Five minutes of direct exposure to sunlight is enough to improve a person’s mood for up to two hours. Not only does outdoor exercise make people happier than indoor exercise, it’s just as good for their bodies.

Good outdoor exercises are easy to come by. People can take a long walk, go golfing, take a jog, walk the dog, push the kids around the park in the stroller, play a game of football, play a game of basketball, get a game of tennis going, go swimming, or ride their bikes.

No one said exercise has to be boring, or that exercise has to feel like a workout. Furthermore, people who want to exercise outdoors but don’t care for sports can take up gardening. Yes, gardening is a great form of exercise. It will also help make people look as good as their yard looks.

Exercise has a number of health benefits. There’s no reason people shouldn’t want to look better, feel better, be happier, ward of certain diseases, and improve their quality of life. There is no downside to exercise, unless people are against looking and feeling great!

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