The Jawbone Up!

The Jawbone Up! – Product review

jawbone-upRecently a friend and former colleague of mine Nathan Tieppo from Momentum Personal Training slung me a pretty sweet birthday present, the Jawbone Up. The Up is a sleek little wrist band that is like a pedometer however a little more powerful and a whole lot more geeky cool.





Jawbone Up ActivityThe Up helps you measure how active you are throughout the day.

You can set your desired ‘step’ count for the day and the Up will help you to make sure you get there.

You can set the Up to vibrate at intervals should you be in-active for too long.

I have mine set for 15 minutes of inactivity to vibrate and my  desired step count is set to 10,000 steps per day which is the recommended step count.


Jawbone Up App Activity

This is probably a little conservative for me however as being a personal trainer I am typically quite active throughout the day and as you can see from the chart to the left I average around 17,000 steps per day.

My most active days are Mondays, Fridays and Thursdays. My personal training schedule reflects this too so I can definitely vouch for this being a heavy day on my feet.




Jawbone Up Sleep

I had been very keen to get my hands onto an Up for a while, and not so much because I was worried I wasn’t active enough, it’s pretty clear I’ve got that covered, more because I was worried I wasn’t sleeping enough.

I included this image as it was one of the only times I’ve hit my 100% number which is set to 7 and a half hours.

My early hours and long days mean my sleep can sometimes gets a little neglected. Hopefully through tracking both time and quality of deep sleep I can get a little closer to my goal.


Sleep Average

As you can see here my average hours of sleep is only around the 6 hours and 20 minute mark which is certainly a little off from here I’d like to be.






Syncing Up your Data

Up Earphone Jack

The Up is really easy to sync up with your iPhone. You simple pop off the little cap and plug it straight into you earphone jack.






Email Updates from Up

Email UpdateUp also sends me some cool little email updates each week to help keep me on track.





Email Update








Email Update








Up Friends

But the handiest feature for me as a trainer is the way I can check up on my clients or friends who also have an Up. This makes the Up more interactive and maybe even a little competitive…





Client Interaction








The Up also has a few up handy little features that I haven’t tried out yet like a food and exercise log or diary helping your calorie budget to be even more accurate for your day.

Stay tuned as I’ll update this post on those features soon.

All in all, for the price of the Up (around $150 AUD) it’s a pretty cool little device and certainly something I would recommend.

It could be more accurate, but I’m sure the technology will continue to develop as at the moment it is only really tracking walking/running based activities and many activities such as weight training that could burn even more calories however you stay relatively confined to the one space are neglected a little however the Up is certainly a super handy gaget for a trainer like myself.

My rating (4.2/5) Thumbs UP! 🙂

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