The Squeeze on Fresh Juices

By Kate Bruzzaniti
Lately it seems there is a “fresh juice bar” on every corner. With an abundance of fruit combinations to choose from; and for an extra buck or two added natural supplements to do everything from help you relax, to getting your metabolism soaring; it is no wonder people are lining up for their large cup of freshly squeezed juice at lunch. After all, it is the easy way to get all of our fruit requirements for the day in one hit, is this not the perfect afternoon pick me up?
Maybe, depending on the size and the type of fruit combination you choose. Many juices are jammed packed with calories, think of the juice combination you prefer, a favourite of mine is the Two & Five Juice from Boost – The juice of 2 oranges, 2 apple, 3 carrots,1 piece of celery, beetroot & a Vita Booster. The standard Medium size cup contains 148.5 calories, the large cup a whopping 214.5 calories.
Although the calories are from fruit, they are still extra calories so if you are close to your daily limit the juice may push you well and truly into a surplus.
Another point to consider is that when fruit is juiced it looses a high percentage of the fibre content. Much of the fibre in certain fruits is in the skin and pulp, i.e. what is cleaned out of the juicer and put into the bin.
So am I saying steer clear of fresh juice bars? No, they are a fine way to up your fruit intake on occasion, just be sure to consciously choose what goes into your juice and adjust your calories for the day, but where possible eating the whole fruit is the better option.

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