Top 10 Exerise Tips from Revolution Personal Training Melbourne

10 Kick start tips to get you working towards the summer body you are after from Revolution Personal Training Melbourne

Here are ten easy to follow tips to help you start working towards a healthier, happier body and lifestyle. So get started now to be in the shape of your life this summer.

1. Start a food diary – It may surprise you to see exactly how much food you eat in a day. A food diary is also a great way for you to view your meal patterns and it will show what times of the day you are prone to snacking on junk food, so you can plan and prepared to avoid giving in to those cravings.

2. Find a training partner or personal trainer – Having someone to motivate you and work with you will be a huge factor helping your lifestyle change. With no support it is likely your motivation and good intentions may not last until the Spring racing carnival let alone the summer months – so find someone to push you.

3. Get into a routine and make exercise a habit! – Make exercising part of your daily routine. If exercise is as much part of your life as brushing your teeth then it will be much easier to stick to. But remember forming a habit takes time, so use your training partner to help push you when you’re starting out.

4. Drink more water – Aim for at least two litres a day. Leave a water bottle on your desk at work or keep one in the car. Water will cleanse your body and keep you healthy.

5. Exercise – Anything is better than nothing at all! If you find it hard to get motivated after work, take your runners with you in the morning and walk in your lunch break.

6. Eat low G.I. – eat simple, unprocessed foods as much as possible. You will feel the difference.

7. Eat fresh – fresh is best, the more foods are processed the more nutrients they will lose duringTop 10 Exercise Tips the refining process.

8. Train with out trying – increase the amount of incidental activity you are doing throughout the day. Park a little further away from work so you have to walk the rest of the way and or use the stairs instead of the lift. Easy!

9. Set Goals – having both short term and long term goals for yourself will ensure you are always heading in the right direction. Whether your goals are to run a marathon or drop two dress sizes, always have them in mind when you are exercising. Look at your goals every day to make sure you’re moving forward.

10. Stay on track – Even when you start your new healthy lifestyle make sure you stay on track. Other things in your life may get in the way but try and stick to a routine.You’ll feel fantastic when you achieve your goals!

So there are the top 10 tips from Revolution Personal Training Melbourne.  And remember… everyone has blow-outs, just don’t let that chocolate cake beat you. Get back on track the next day and enjoy your new healthier self.

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