Tuesday Newsday – Horses for courses

Etihad Stadium's GlowFirstly, a big apology for my Tuesday post hitting the web on Wednesday this week!  I have been focused on my study as I participated in a coaching course over the weekend.  We also seem to be inundated with new and motivated Melbournian’s wanting to kick start their fitness regimes in the cold winter months to be ready for another hot Melbourne summer!  So Tuesday Newsday is here… On a Wednesday.

Anyhow Friday night I headed down to Etihad Stadium with a few friends from interstate and around 49,000 other Victorians.

My interstate friends hadn’t heard all of the whohaa about the surface down there at Etihad over the earlier part of the year.  They are Gold Coasters and the AFL hasn’t entirely invaded there community… Yet.

The ball was bounced and after the first contest and the noticeable slip and slide my interstate companions looked to me and asked “geez whats wrong with the surface?”.  Clearly a lot is wrong with the surface.

It needs a lot of work.  What needs to be done is not the topic of this post.  Enough is being said on every media outlet and talk back program, however the question I would like to ask is; What are the obligations of organizations to provide a safe playing surface for participants?  Personal Trainers included!

In my opinion it is inevitable with the state of the surface on Friday night that a serious injury would occur shortly as a result of the condition of the ground.  It was a blessing that no serious injuries had resulted that evening.  By all accounts by Saturday night there had been a considerable improvement.  A huge amount of work had been done over night with a positive result.  As you can see from the photo I took this morning whilst out with my morning customers the work to  repair the problem is continuing day and night.  Hopefully this weekend the result will be a safer state of play, and a greater spectacle for the supporters in the stand and sitting in front of their boxes at home.

All of that said as a neutral supporter that was one of the most exciting games I have watched live in a long time.  The draw for me was a fitting result!

However back to my question, as a personal trainer it is my responsibility to provide a safe location for my customers to train.  We are a mobile personal training company meaning we head out to see our customers all over Melbourne at varying locations and on a number of different surfaces.  It is our responsibility to ensure that wherever we train, our customers are safe and a duty of care is shown. My question is would you be happy to train on a surface such as Etihad?  Not if you are planted staying in one location, but if you are running, jumping, twisting, turning.  Would you feel comfortable with the risk?  If not, surely it is not appropriate for elite sport to be played on that kind of surface.  As a spectacle the the fans are not getting what they deserve and the athletes are not provided with a safe place of work.  I would love to know your thoughts.

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