What bloody good is exercise?

What bloody good is exercise?Great Question. You’ve gotta exercise. You have to train. Your life depends on it. Well…

Everyone tells you, you have to train!  You gotta get moving. You’ve gotta start!

Well, what bloody good is all this exercise? And what are the benefits?

It seems to all be too hard. Too sweaty.  Too smelly. Too sore the next day. Too hard. Too time consuming. You’re too busy right?

Well here are some of the benefits.  Maybe they will start to convince you.

Well where do I start…

The benefits of exercise are so wide and varied that it would be impossible for the benefits to be ever mimicked by medication, supplementation or anything you might buy on T.V.

From increased bone mineral density to a healthier blood pressure, exercise is the best wonder drug we will ever have!

So what are the benefits you ask?

Increased red blood cell count

Increased bone density

Better blood pressure regulation

Increased muscle mass

Increased immunity

Decreased risk of cardiovascular disease

Decreased stress levels

Increased sense of wellbeing

Regulation of body weight

Greater sense of wellbeing

As you will see the benefits are endless. So stop looking for that wonder drug that doesn’t exist. The best one we have is also the most simple.

A bit of hard work (that you might even enjoy!) it’s the best thing we can ask for.

Do you know any more? List them in the comments.

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