What can I do right now to change my life?

It all starts with your mindset. Everything. All of it.  Your thoughts create your words, your actions and your reality and your thoughts come from where? You guessed it, your mind. So how do we control our mind? And does it need controlling or does it simply require observation, acknowledgment, respect? Today I want you to think about your mind. Think about your thoughts, your words, your actions and how this impacts your reality.

Mindset may be defined as the attitude you have to yourself and to the world. The way you approach your life. Your outlook. The willingness you have to show up in every moment. The engagement you have with those around you. What is it that you require of yourself? How do you deal with ups and downs? Our thoughts and our words influence our actions, therefore our mindset is the foundation of our entire reality. What you feel, how you think, what you think and everything you say and do is your reality, therefore you are choosing what your life is with your mindset.

If you want to change your reality, it starts in your mind. It starts with what you think. It starts with how your thoughts then shape your words and it starts with how your thoughts help or hinder you to take action.

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So I want you to think right now about your mindset. What is the story you are telling yourself? What language are you using to describe yourself and your life and your opportunities? This will be your greatest determinant and indicator of success in whatever you pursue.

So how do you shape your mindset or change it if it’s necessary?

Well the first thing you have to ask yourself is if you even want to. And if you want to, why do you want to? What would it mean to you? This desire has to be strong. I have no doubt you’ve spent a lot of years cementing this current mindset and it’s not easy to simply snap out of it. You need to want to change more than you want to stay the same.

Ok you’ve decided you want to change. So let’s look at your current energy and outlook. Do you complain a lot? Do you dread things? Do you grumble? Or are you grateful, generous, kind, open and honest? Have a little think about it.

Then look at the patterns and habits you have formed in your life. Are you proud of them? Do you hide them? Are you all in or all out? Do different days of the week ignite different feelings, emotions, moods? Do you wonder why you don’t lose weight but then once you pay attention realise it’s because you eat mindlessly, emotionally, disrespectfully for your body?

All your daily habits, choices and actions have led you to where you are now and all of them have determined by your mindset.

So once we’ve assessed our patterns and habits it’s time to reorient them, create a new normal, change.

The awesome things about mindset is that you can apply it to your ENTIRE LIFE. Health and body, relationships, parenting, career and anything else you can think of.

So you’re in the process of creating new habits through your mindset, how do you ensure success? What if I told you that ‘being motivated’ wasn’t the answer? How about I told you that there was a checklist you could apply to every day in order for you to maintain this mindset and not even need motivation? Well there is:

The first step to a positive mindset is what I refer to as out-flowing: Give, give thanks, show gratitude, be generous – with your energy, spirit, time and whatever else you have. But choose wisely.

The second is to get really clear on your goals AND your intentions. Write them down. What do you want for your life and why? Be specific on your goals and be more vague yet heartfelt on your intentions. Commit to your goals and live by your intentions. Every. Single. Day.

The third step is to find your internal drive. We don’t want to be dependent on external motivation to take action, rather, we want to find that passion from deep within. When something means enough to us, you can bet that you’ll take action on it. It’s habits and daily actions, paired with the intentions you have for living and the goals you continually choose that will lead you to the life you want rather than any kind of short term fitspo or inspo.

The last thing on our checklist is personal responsibility. Take responsibility for the fact that you are where you are because of the choices you have made and the action you have taken and take responsibility for the fact that it is up to you where you now go.

Yes there are external forces which enable and disenable different groups and demographics from some things in the world. I do not deny that. But for the majority of your life one of the most exciting opportunities you have is with your choices.

So what is the story you are telling yourself as to why you are not on your way to where you need to or want to be? What excises do you give yourself? How are you sabotaging your progress?

Once you realise and accept that you are always the source, this is when the world really becomes yours. Life doesn’t happen to you. You create it. It’s all up to you.

You have the opportunity to be a success in your entire life, you simply have to choose to be. It starts with your mindset. Believe in yourself, invest in yourself and continue to take the action required. It’s your life and it’s worth it.

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About your Author Jane Erbacher

“Find what comes naturally and work with it.”

With over 12 years’ experience in the fitness industry, Jane brings a wealth of knowledge to the RevoPT team. Beyond a long list of fitness qualifications and a degree in Arts and Health Science, Jane is currently studying law too.

A practicing health and lifestyle coach, Jane loves helping her clients grow physically and mentally. To do this, she looks at the bigger picture. Before training with Jane, she’ll look at your lifestyle, priorities and stresses to create a program that harnesses your natural strengths to get the best results.

Every session with Jane is guaranteed to be different. She’s not one for routine so expect a lot of variety and fun – whether that’s through boxing, conditioning or high intensity circuits. The only thing for certain is that you’ll walk out with a sense of achievement. Jane works with each and every client to accomplish things they thought they couldn’t do.

On top of training, Jane is responsible for compiling the individual training programs from the team and is the voice behind our our podcasts. Subscribe to our podcast and check out the latest episodes here.


  • Certificate III in Fitness
  • Certificate IV in Fitness
  • Fully Certifies Gym Jones
  • Kettlebell Coaching Accreditation
  • Punchfit Level 2 Boxing Coach
  • Level 2 First Aid
  • Body Attack Instructor
  • Body Pump Instructor
  • Health & Lifestyle Coach
  • Fitness Australia Registration Level One

 If you feel like Jane is the perfect Personal Training to help you improve your mindset email us directly at hq@revopt.copm.au and we will find a time that suits you to begin training with her.

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