Why Do We Do The Things We Do?


This post is not going to make you lose any weight, it’s not going demonstrate any new training techniques and it’s not going to motivate you to work harder. It’s going to make you think; think about why we do the things that we do.

Now I am not a psychologist, but as a personal trainer of 13 years I have had the pleasure of hanging out (training) an amazing range of people from celebrities to housewives with seven kids. This has given me an awesome insight into how people tick and I have been blessed to have (and continue to have) the opportunity.
So after looking past the sweat, the well-directed cursing and the early mornings, what have I discovered?
It all comes down to desire. In our society today, we are conditioned to make more, achieve more, own more and look hotter than the next person. If we are not making an effort to do this we are perceived (or we perceive ourselves) to be failing. Desire is ruling our life and it is a train that we can’t get off because as soon as we achieve our initial desire, we automatically focus on a new one.

Here is an example based on a few people that I know:

Dave The Corporate Guy: Climbing the corporate ladder, he must work long hours (70-80 per week) to be able to afford the mortgage on the new 4 bedroom house that he just bought for his wife and their first child. In the 8 hours of waking non-work time, he crams in a couple of rushed PT session because he is expected to look good for his job and he is worried that his wife will leave for a younger, fitter man. He collapses on the couch every Sunday afternoon exhausted in preparation for next week.


Why do we the things that do?

For me, it all comes back to desire (and it’s not always a bad thing). Having the desire to be better can be a highly motivating factor and one that create great change. Some other common desires that drive people include:
Desire to be successful, Desire to provide for yourself or your family, Desire to impress the opposite sex, Desire to make your parents proud, Desire to not be left behind by your friends.

Now this desire thing can be an alluring drug so it must be looked at with a little perspective. Some motivations are well measured and others are just excuses to have more stuff.
So that’s my two cents, now it’s your turn.

Why do you do the things you do? What drives you? Is it healthy or unhealthy?
Cheers Rick 🙂

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