Antonia Kay-The Power of One

The Your Revolution Podcast is back again with Episode 104! ⁣⁣
With Greg Kourpanidis as your host, join him as he sits down with Australian boxing champion, musician and songwriter Antonia Kay

Currently living the double life as a music artist and boxer, Antonia uses the rhythm she mastered as a musician in her ability to land punches in the boxing ring. The success In both her fields has lead her on a path of greatness which includes State titles, dual national boxing titles (Australian and Greek) and the release of two songs “Shine and play” and “Love through the Telephone” ⁣

Tune in to one of the rawest and most candid episodes of the podcast as Antonia shares her journey In and out of the fight game, dealing with adversity and how she is able to always stay present and trust the process.