Marina Martic-Mindset and Exercise to create the best version of YOU

The Your Revolution Podcast returns with Episode 106⁣
With Greg Kourpanidis as your host, join him as he sits down with Revo PT’s very own Marina Martic. ⁣

Marina is an integral part of the team here at RevoPT and is a highly experienced and skilled Clinical nutritionist, Personal trainer, Health coach, and speaker. She has a holistic approach to health and is able to assist all her clients to reach their true potential and take back control of their health. ⁣

She is known for her motivational coaching ability and is a firm believer in all elements of health including nutrition, mindset, and exercise. You do not want to miss this episode! ⁣

Tune in to one of the most insightful episodes of the podcast yet as Marina tackles some of the biggest health trends within the fitness industry, separating FACT from FAD and her no BS approach to create the best version of you! ⁣