What is Functional Fitness?

So you’ve decided to improve your fitness. That’s a great first step. But where to next? A sport? Swimming? Running? Or what about getting into a gym like Revolution Performance Training?

You’ve heard about ‘Functional Fitness’ and understand that it’s been the buzz phrase in the fitness industry for the last little while so figure that must be the right type of training for you. Right?

Well what exactly is Functional Fitness and why do you need it? Why is this the way that you should be training?

Well to be truthful whether you are functionally fit or not will differ between each and every one of us.

Functional fitness can be defined as having the ability and capacity to be able to cope with the demands of your day to day tasks with relative ease and effectiveness.

Chances are, if your in a reasonable state of health you got through yesterday without too much bother. If you did finish your day yesterday though feeling exhausted, lethargic and laking energy then we might have some work to do. Or if you have a job in the defence or emergencies services or something similar your days could vary heavily from one day to the next, and they will require far more than say someone who has a sedentary job behind a desk.

Even if yesterday and today you did get through the day without any problems does that mean that we shouldn’t strive to supersede these requirements by enhancing our level of fitness above and beyond these base level requirements? Do we simply need to meet the muscular endurance and strength requirements to see us capable of withstanding a rigorous 8 hour day… at out desks? Surely not!

Functional fitness has come to mean more than the above definition. It has come to mean more that the excises and training regime we follow has more than a purely aesthetic or weight loss focus.

The practical definition of ‘functional fitness’ now means more that the exercise selection and outcome of our training regime sees a real world transference in terms of increased work capacity and strength outcomes. Increases in physical capabilities that we can then apply in the real world, not just in the gym.

It means more that we could cope with anything that the world might throw at us on any given day.

So what does this all mean in practical terms when you head into the gym for your next session you might ask? Think exercises like squats for strengthening your legs, not leg extensions on a machine. Or a pull up to develop upper body strength rather than jumping on the preacher curl machine to build up your arms.

The real world benefits are far greater in the squat than the confined excises of a leg extension. As such a squat will have far better crossover into sporting or daily life.

The edges of justification of what ‘functional fitness’ truely is has definitely become more than a little blurry however. Whether we can achieve a kipping pull up, handstand push up, snatch or muscle up are definitely impressive feats of strength, power, mobility and various other parameters that make up being truely ‘fit’ but many of us will never need these skills in the requirements of what daily life will really throw at us.

Does that mean we should only just scrape through our daily life just meeting the day to day requirements?

Definitely not in our opinion here at RevoPT. We want to be able to help you live a life where nothing is out of your reach.

We want you to be able to say yes when a friend asks you to go hiking this weekend. We want you to say yes you’d love to punch out a 10km trail run with your work colleagues this weekend. Yes you’d love to join the office touch footy team, have a crack at Spartan Race or ToughMudder the next time it comes around. Participate and not feel at risk of injury in a school sports day with your kids. We want you to be able to get down to the beach and jump up on a paddle board and not worry that you won’t have the core strength or endurance to be able to enjoy yourself.

Luckily training in this manner does have great aesthetic benefits as well. So even if it’s not your primary aim hopefully by focusing on improving your functional fitness will also mean also that when you’re at the beach this summer you’ll be able to enjoy a swim without feeling self conscious about taking your shirt off when you’re having a swim or not feel like you can’t wear the bikinis you used to love wearing.

In short we don’t want you to have to sit on the sidelines of life. We want you to be fit and confident enough to say feel that you could genuinely have a crack and any opportunity life might throw at you at any point. We want you to feel like you could so achieve anything and enjoy yourself while doing it.

To us that is real fitness.

We are RevoPT.

We inspire ordinary people to achieve the extraordinary.

Train with purpose.

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