• Kettlebell Classes

    This is a structured class and learning and technique are of the highest importance.
    We focus on spending time over your first three Kettlebell Conditioning Classes ensuring you know how to use this incredible tool well.
    Once you have progress through these initial three classes then your ready to step it up a gear and things will start to get tough!

    Kettlebells are one of the original strength training pieces of equipment, most well-known by use of the Russian military in the 1940’s, it became their national sport in 1985. Due to its well-known ability to produce and reduce force, increase strength, strength endurance, aerobic endurance, flexibility, core strength AND stability all in a few neat, well-executed movements, this sport has now spread world-wide for all to reap the benefits.

    This style of training increases athleticism and is directly transferrable to sporting, the ability to maintain fluidity and repeated explosive movements is required in all sports, especially for explosive endurance sports such as in the martial arts - Kettlebells tick all the boxes.

    In addition to all of these benefits of kettlebell training it is not only a load of fun, but a killer on the core whilst increasing your motor control and coordination and strengthens the posterior chain (back, butt, hamstrings) which are commonly weak in today’s society of desk sitters.

    So come along, move better, be stronger throughout and have a blast!

    All of our Group Personal Training classes and Strength and Conditioning sessions including these Kettlebell Training classes are run at our unique Personal Training, Group Personal Training and Performance Training studio at 17A Market Street in South Melbourne.

    We offer your First Session Free which you can book in by hitting the button below. We currently have an Introductory Month of Unlimited Group Personal Training for only  on our Group Personal Training page or you can purchase each session individually for  below.

    To get started training with us simply hit the Register button above and follow the directions listed. We look forward to meeting you here soon!

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