Jack Graham

This is a unique opportunity to work with our highly skilled and qualified coaches even if you don't have the ability to head in our South Melbourne gym to work with us.

Your own online performance trainer

This opportunity would be ideal if you're outside of Metropolitan Melbourne or if you're someone who prefers training on your own rather than in a group setting.

The beauty in the programs is that they can be done on your own term. Train where you want, when you want. There's no being late for class or being stress that you've gotta get out of the gym to get back to work. Train on your own terms.

This style of training is the ideal way for you to access worlds best coaching where ever you are. Our team of online coaches have over 50 years of combined experience working in high performance and strength and conditioning and we want to help you to get results.

Start with our Beginner and Intermediate training blocks to build a strong foundation. We have then broken down our programming into specific class stream so that you can focus on exactly what you're looking to achieve or join our Advance GPP program to build a strong, fit and functional physique.

If you genuinely want to genuinely take charge of your body, get strong, and unlock new levels of athletic ability, a free guide written by some fitness blogger found on page 10 of Google, or another Instagram #influencer isn’t gonna cut it.

You might save a couple of dollars, but you’ll pay for it with poor results and worse performance. Invest in yourself and invest in your future success with tried and tested programming from experienced well versed, coaches who have earned their skills in the trenches.

You get first class programming for first class results, all delivered via our TrainHeroic app.