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We’ll keep your team happy, healthy, and motivated!

If you have great staff and you want to keep them, a corporate fitness program is one of the ways you can achieve that. By retaining experienced staff and boosting their health and energy levels, you in turn keep your company healthy.

Corporate Fitness

Revolution Performance Training will come to your Melbourne workplace, or somewhere else convenient for you, and train your staff in group or one on one training – you choose!

Our corporate fitness trainers will bring the equipment and their expertise; you just need to supply the participants. If it is more convenient for you, we can also run corporate fitness sessions for your employees at our studio, even booking out the entire studio for your use.

Our experience has shown that corporate fitness programs:

• Decrease absenteeism in the workforce.
• Provide a healthy distraction from workplace issues, allowing employees to refocus.
• Secure longevity in an older workforce.
• Encourage co-workers to form cohesive bonds and function better as a team.

We’ll keep your team happy, healthy, and motivated!

Why train in our Studio?

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We'd love to help you begin your fitness journey with us or continue to sharpen your fitness focus and help you to take things to the next level.

For our full comprehensive list of ongoing membership packages shoot us a message via our contact us page here. We always happy to tailor an option to suit your needs.

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Corporate Boxing classes are always a crowd favourite but we always customise things for each workplace’s fitness needs. HIIT classes and Functional Strength Training classes are other specialities of ours.

Our corporate fitness classes can be suited for the space, team fitness level, desired outcomes (ie team building), numbers and style of workplace. Our team puts a lot of effort into ensuring your team building or fitness goals are addressed, and are experiencing many teams coming back for more!

This will differ depending on the size of the group but per person all we need is a couple of metres squared space to run an effective session.

As quality is always key for us we cap these sessions at the same size per trainer as our in studio group training classes of 12. We can do bigger sessions but require multiple team members to do so. Be sure to chat to us about your corporate fitness goals.

We offer bulk session packages of 25, 50 and 100 session blocks for our Corporate Fitness Sessions.