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Tailored advice and motivation to keep you on track

NDIS Personal training helps you to achieve great results more rapidly. Our trainers will keep you motivated; improve your technical skills; ensure every workout counts; introduce new ways of training with fitness equipment and teach you new exercises.

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Personal Training

Expertly designed and focused training sessions for you to get the best possible results within targeted timeframes. Our highly motivated personal trainers focus on individuals who are looking to achieve more from their training.

Our personal training studio in South Melbourne has all the conveniences of training in an indoor space, without the intimidating distractions that you’ll find in a commercial gym.

Our functional training space accommodates all of our energetic group personal training sessions, as well as targeted one on one appointments. The amount of people in the studio at any one time is always kept to a minimum for your comfort, this is achieved by maintaining a strictly appointment only facility.

Our Trainers

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Why train in our Studio?



Access to a unique functional fitness facility that has been specifically designed for Personal training



Unlike a gym, the studio provides relative privacy with only scheduled sessions on offer



Flexible training times and long opening hours from 5:00am through to 10:00pm

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We'd love to help you begin your fitness journey with us or continue to sharpen your fitness focus and help you to take things to the next level.

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Discover the new you

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