Is fasting a fast way for you to see better results?

What is intermittent fasting? Intermittent fasting is a cyclical style of eating that involves restricting eating (calories) for a period of time or a window. There are many variations of fasting, and not one way is the right way to dot it. However, ‘fasting mimicking diets’ (which isn’t actual fasting) has health benefits that are […]



Play along at home?

For about the last fifteen years we have been honing our programming. We’ve been testing the schedule, tweaking the set up, refining the days, balancing out the year and we feel we have nailed it. We’ve come to a set up that works amazingly well and that gets amazing results for our clients. We have […]





Screw Monday

Put your hand up if  you’ve ever heard someone say, ‘I’ll start on Monday’ or ‘In the new year I will commit to…’ or ‘My new year’s resolution is…’ or ‘I will start on the first of the month’ or ‘I’ll start when the weather gets warmer’ or ‘When I have more money I will…?’

There is this deceptive notion that changing behaviour or achieving a goal needs to start in alignment with the an event; the beginning of the week or the start of a new year or a new personal circumstance that you find yourself in, until before you know it the year ends and nothing has changed! Sound familiar?