Virtual Livestream Classes

Stay fit, stay healthy and stay connected

If you are looking for exercise that is fun and social, while also being targeted, performance and goal oriented our virtual livestream training classes are for you!

Our Virtual Livestream Classes are our solution to the challenges we are all facing in our rapidly changing world due to Covid-19. We moved our entire business online when the government directive to close our facility was given on March 22nd 2020.
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Virtual Livestream Classes

Our members say that online classes work for them, so we’re keeping it on our timetable fixture.

The new digital age and current landscape of the fitness industry have developed our business to become even more flexible than ever. We currently offer our popular classes live-online to those who’s schedule suit them in the comfort of their own homes/park/workplace.

Why? Because we believe that inclusivity is the key to a great business, and to have a great business we need to ensure that the members that have built our foundation are looked after.

Whilst this has been an extremely challenging time we have been able to find some real positives in this transition and we are now able to reach more people than ever before.

We have left no stone unturned and we continue to evolve this service and additional strings to its bow such as yoga classes.

Our classes work in streams or class types which are all progressive over 13-week cycles. We meticulously test and measure your performance so that we can individualize your training and performance throughout that process.

All you need to do is log on.
What if I miss classes?

That’s okay we have a ton of online content and classes that our experienced and energetic trainers already pre-recorded for you.

Do I need any equipment?

No, we are able to deliver you these classes without or with minimum equipment and if you want a challenge, we can recommend you some things to add to your weaponry.

Fitness goal? We'll achieve it

Have fun

Have fun

Enjoy constructive time away from work and life stresses

Stay motivated

Stay motivated

Be a part of a team with everyone motivating each other and working together to achieve more

Stay connected

Stay connected

In these challenging times when we are more removed than ever staying connected to others is more important than ever

The power of choice

The power of choice

Let our expert trainers help you choose between 10 differing classes to find the ideal training fit to achieve your goals

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