Powerlifting Course in Melbourne

This will be technique orientated course; focusing on mobility before lifting, this powerlifting course will help you to create strength, power and a smooth and robust technique which will correlate directly into powerlifting performance.

Powerlifting Course in Melbourne

Join us for our eight-week Powerlifting Fundamentals Course.

  • Expertly designed program design to progress your movement capabilities

  • Held here at our gym in South Melbourne

  • Two sessions per week run Monday and Wednesday at 7:30pm

  • Small course numbers (max 6)

  • Course cost $449

This will be technique orientated course; focusing on technique before lifting, this powerlifting course will help you to create speed, power and fluidity which correlate directly into sporting performance. We aim to build your confidence in the art of powerlifting as well as the vast range of accessory lifts that aid in supporting these primary lifts.

The powerful movements found in powerlifting greatly improve strength and performance, making you stronger and more powerful. These lift and variations of these three primary lifts are included in nearly every elite sporting strength and conditioning program. To perfect these movements you must obtain flexibility, stability and a strong core to be able to move fast and be in control at the same time.

Powerlifting of this capacity is a highly technical skill and requires an understanding of your body and how it moves to effectively reap the benefits of this style of training. Hence, our powerlifting coach Anthony will be picky on technique, dishing out mobility and activation orientated drills to have you improving rapidly and performing all movements both safely and effectively.

You will be taken through the three powerlifting lifts, the squat, the deadlifting and the bench press by Anthony Le, an experience personal trainer.

We are only accepting 6 people for this beginners fundamental program. To secure you place and register follow the link below and make your booking or contact myself via email at hq@revopt.com.au or call 0417 590 247.

The full cost of this course is $449 for the full 8 week.

We would love to have you involved in the 8 week course and see you developing your strength, speed and power as well as learning this unique skill along the way.

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