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Man Up Monday Personal Fitness Workout 14

Good morning folks. What a amazing day, it’s time to get outside and make the most of it.
For today’s man up Monday workout we will do a duathlon of running and cycling the distances are:

3km run
20km cycle
5km run

A good place to start is to jump onto and you can plan your course before you start. Once you have planned the route you can even post a link to it below or share it with friends.

Have fun!!

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Exercise Myth Busters #36

Fasting will help you lose more weight

To build a lean, healthy body then you must eat. You can’t starve off the unwanted fat, rather you must work with your body and supply it with the energy that it requires to exercise safely and effectively and get through the day. Your body will fight back if you fast by burning its fat stores more slowly as it fears it will run out of energy and insulation.  It will also break down your muscle and you will become highly fatigued, weak and your immune system will begin to fail in the long-term. There is also the risk you will start binge eating on anything and everything and eventually when you stop fasting you will regain the weight you lost in the first place.

Man Up Monday Personal Fitness Training Workout 13

Good Morning, yet another weekend has come and passed us by and its that much loved day of the week….Monday! 🙁

Not to stress through as its time for your weekly dose of ‘man up’ and I think its about time we had a bit of check and see how our fitness levels are coming along. Today we are going to do a lap of Melbourne’s own The Tan Track. One of my favourite runs in Melbourne

Starting on the Alexandra Avenue side. Run a lap as fast as you can in a clockwise direction.

Once you have finished record your time and post it below. You can also use that as a regular target to aim for to improve upon.

Have fun and enjoy the run!

Man Up Monday Personal Fitness Workout 12

Welcome to a brand new week and yet another build up to the grand final. No doubt there are quite a few people who are in desperate need of a massive workout to release some frustration that has built up over the weekend.

Well here it is people. Find yourself a pair of boxing gloves, and a punching bag or a friend with a pair of focus pads.

Set up a timer for 90 seconds, with a 60 second rest. And do the following combinations for the length of the round.

Round 1. Jab, jab, cross

Round 2. Jab, jab, cross, duck

Round 3. Jab, jab cross, duck, r/uppercut

Round 4. L/Uppercut,  r/uppercut, l/uppercut

Round 5. L/Uppercut,  r/uppercut, l/uppercut, r/ hook

Round 6. L/Uppercut,  r/uppercut, l/uppercut, r/hook, l/hook

Round 7. Jab, duck, jab

Round 8. Jab, duck, jab, cross

Round 9. Jab, duck, jab, cross, l/ uppercut

Round 10. Jab, duck, jab, cross, l/ uppercut, r/ hook

Round 11. Jab, cross, l/hook

Round 12. Jab, cross, l/hook, r/hook

If you are a natural left hander, switch all of the left side punches to right and right punches to left.

Hopefully this workout will help to alleviate any built up frustration that you have lingering.

Have fun!!!!

Lazy Sunday @ Paintball

Good morning, well its the post AFL grand final aftermath and no doubt there are a few sore heads waking up  in Melbourne today.

But just to get you up and active for a sensational Melbourne Sunday afternoon, try and get together with a group of friends and head on down to your nearest paintball centre for afternoon full of fun, laughs and the odd bruise too.

With many fields located all over Melbourne both indoor and outdoor there is sureto be one close to you. So why not check it out for an afternoon you are sure not to forget in a hurry.

And best yet while you are desperately running around trying to avoid being hit by a barrage of paintballs there is sure to be loads of calories burnt up in the process.

So good luck and happy hunting.

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Man Up Monday Personal Fitness Workout 11

Good morning and welcome to a another Monday. The weather is looking a little gloomy today so you will really have to man up to get stuck into today’s workout.

Today workout is:
50 push ups
400m run
50 squats
400m run
50 chin ups / horizontal pull ups
400m run
50 Lunges
400m run
50 sit ups
400m run

Good luck and enjoy the workout.

Remember to time yourself and post your result below.