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Exercise Myth Busters #30

More hours spent in the gym lead to better results

Overtraining is a common problem in weight training not only for clients aiming for weight loss but even high-performance athletes.  Without allowing your body sufficient time to recover before you start your next session, you will cease making progress and can even begin to lose strength and fitness.  You need to make sure you train smarter rather than longer to make continual and steady progress towards your goals. It all comes back to the old addage of ‘Quality VS Quantity.’

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Man Up Monday Personal Fitness Workout #7

Monday is here and it’s time to get your dose of man up. The best part is it looks like it is going to be an absolutely beautiful day. Perfect for heading outdoors and getting stuck into a solid workout.

For today’s workout head down to your local park/playground and we will have a resistance session utilizing the play equipment

Perform the following exercises as a circuit;

Box jumps x 12 – ( find a platform or bench between 20 – 50cm high depending on ability, and jump on top of it and step back down)

Chin ups x 10 – ( use a monkey bar for chin ups.)

Dips x 12 – use some parallel bars or rails to perform some full weighted dips or a bench to keep your feet on the floor)

Step up x 12 – On platform keep one foot on platform and stand straight up until both feet are on the platform then step back down. Do 12 then switch feet.

Pole climb x 3 – Use a vertical pole and start sitting on the floor at the base and climb to the top without using you legs then slide down.

Push ups x 20 – you can vary these by having your feet or hands raised.

Repeat the circuit 5 times.

Good luck and enjoy the workout.

Man Up Monday Personal Fitness Workout #6

It’s Monday and the perfect time to Man Up a little. Given the weather this morning it really is going to be a case of having to Man Up and just get out there.

We want to make sure you stay nice and warm today so we have a big session planned to keep you on your toes.

Find your self a large open area such as a sports ground or even a running track and measure out (stepping out is fine) 100m, 80m, 60m, 40m & 20m.

The workout will be sprinting

10 x 100m

8 x 80m

6 x 60m

4 x 40m

2 x 20m

For recovery in between sprints just walk back to the starting point and take off once you get back to the beginning.

For an added challenge you can start the sprint by lying flat on the ground and getting up as quick as possible and sprinting through to the end.

Good Luck!

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Lazy Sunday @ The Melbourne Aquarium

Well folks its everybody’s favourite day again…Lazy Sunday. Perfect for getting a sleep in the morning and getting out and about in the afternoon.

But with the weather forecast looking pretty ominous for today, the options for an enjoyable Sunday afternoon become a little bit limited. Enter the Melbourne Aquarium, fully undercover and sheltered from the weather it boasts some of the most amazing creatures from all reaches of the deep blue sea; from tiny fish to penguins, sharks and stingrays. The Melbourne Aquarium has it all to see on a Sunday afternoon.

For those of you who are really game the Melbourne Aquarium also offers diving experiences allowing you to get up close and personal with the sharks. A not to be forgotten experience that is sure to get your pulse pounding.

To check out the schedule of things happening at the Melbourne Aquarium on Sunday and for any further information  jump onto their website.

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Tuesday Newsday – Are You Getting The Best From Your Employees?

Corporate Fitness MelbourneIt has been proven time and time again that leading a lifestyle of exercise and healthy diet equates to better health and improved performance. But performance is such a broad term that it is often misunderstood. When you think about exercise & performance together it is usually about doing your 5km run 10 seconds quicker or getting an extra couple of repetitions out when pumping the guns.

But what about the effect of exercise on workplace performance? Think about it. A healthy employee is likely to be able to focus on tasks for longer, make less mistakes, work the hours required and their commitment to a healthy lifestyle also shows that they are able to stick to a task and not make excuses to avoid it. A healthy diet will fuel the brain for proper functioning which again will lead to better workplace performance.

There have been numerous studies that have shown the beneficial effects of a healthy lifestyle on workplace productivity. One study conducted by Medibank found that workers who have poor health behaviours are likely to have up to 9 times more sick days annually than  healthy employees(18 days compared to 2 per year).

So how do you get the most from your employees? Initiatives such as work place health and wellness programs have been shown to not only have significant improvements in employees health which greatly reduces absenteeism. But also a vast economic benefit as a result. In 2005 an analysis of 56 different studies was conducted to help determine the effectiveness of the inclusion of workplace health and wellness programs. It found that on average the cost:benefit ratio resulted in a saving of over US$5 for every US$1 spent on a wellness program.

So the benefit is not only evident for employees as they will receive a great boost in physical and mental health as well as an improved lifestyle. But also for business as they receive economic benefits from reduced absenteeism, decreased presenteeism, increased employee job satisfaction and it can also help attract new employees to business.

For programs such as these to attract the most success, it is important that the CEO, department heads, etc also get involved and lead the initiative from the front, showing their commitment to improving health and improving performance in the workplace and in life.

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Man Up Monday Personal Fitness Workout #5

Did you have a pretty soft weekend? Well it’s time to man up a little with the Man Up Monday workout.

This week we have a cardio session in the great outdoors. For this one you will need to find yourself an athletics track or football oval.

The workout will be 4 x 400m sprints in 4 minutes.
This will be one lap of an athletics track and should roughly be one lap of a football oval. The aim is to run as fast as you can around the track /oval. Your rest will be the remainder of the time left in the 4 minutes (eg: if it takes you 1 minute & 20 seconds to run a lap then you will rest for 2 minutes & 40 seconds) so the faster you run the more rest you have earned! Repeat this until you have done 4 laps.

Make sure you have a good warm up before commencing the first sprint.

Take note of all of your times and post them up along with the location of the track or oval you ran around


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