Becoming an Ironman

Melbourne Ironman
Well, after months and months of preparation, over 220 training sessions, 260 hours and more than 4,000kms worth of swimming, riding and running, I have finally completed my first Ironman.

All of that preparation went into getting ready for one big day at Ironman Melbourne 2013, with a 3.8km swim, 180km cycle and 42.2km run.

The day didn’t start off in the best of circumstances with high winds, choppy seas and strong currents  to the swim being cut short.  Rather than the 3.8km swim that we had all been preparing for, the event organisers decided to reduce the swim distance to 1.5km. Although disappointed, I realize they had to look after the safety of all competitors and made the right call on the day. I have heard reports of people pulling out of the swim while still in waist high water and witnessed 1 person having to be rescued by lifeguards.

Although if you want to get the attention of 2000 triathletes quickly, telling them you are changing their race course is a pretty good way. I’ve never heard so many people go so quiet so quickly. You could have heard a pin drop on the other side of Frankston.

With the change in the swim course came a 45 minute delay in the race start time which meant more time for nerves, excitement and anticipation to kick in and I just wanted to get started already! I knew once I got started I would be fine but all the waiting around was killing me.

About 30 minutes before the new start time I began to get ready; wetsuit, sunscreen, googles, swim cap. I dumped all my gear with my trustee assistant for the day Luke and I was ready to go, and I made my way down to the water for a warm up swim. Wow, if that 200m swim was anything to go by this was going to be tough!

As the 2000 competitors waited on the beach ready to start, I looked around and wondered how this start was going to work. I’d never been involved in a mass start this big and looking at the sea of people awaiting the starter’s horn this was going to be chaotic.

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