Breakfast…The Best Meal Of The Day & Why You Should Eat It

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day, and many studies have tried to define why this is important, and the benefits it can have for your wellbeing and weight loss.

A wholesome and nutritious breakfast, containing good carbohydrates, low fat proteins and fruits, will ensure you give your body the best possible start to the day. Some examples include natural muesli with Greek yoghurt and fresh fruit, poached eggs on sourdough bread and mushrooms and grilled tomatoes, porridge with skim milk and poached fruits and almonds.

Many studies say that eating breakfast in the morning, preferably before 8am, will allow your body to harness the energy provided to concentrate at school or work throughout the morning until your next major meal at lunch. These studies also say that children or adults who don’t eat a nutritious breakfast find it hard to concentrate, lack energy and will most commonly crave sugar later in the morning, causing them to reach for that morning tea muffin or biscuit or donut.

Another benefit of eating a regular breakfast is refuelling your body and giving it the energy to function. This avoids poor food choices at morning tea and lunch as you are starving by then and your body will eat anything at that point.

Studies have also shown that people who skip breakfast regularly tend to be overweight in comparison to those people who do not. It is thought that the reason behind this is that the body has gone more than 18hours without food, and these people will then tend to overeat at lunchtime and dinnertime, causing the body to then store all of this energy.

There are many great reasons to make the time and have breakfast every morning, if not to control your weight and kick start your metabolism, then to ensure you are getting a variety of vitamins and nutrients throughout the day. There are many great ideas for what you can eat for breakfast: the possibilities are endless.

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2 thoughts on “Breakfast…The Best Meal Of The Day & Why You Should Eat It

  1. Gregory Brown

    I completely agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. There was such a difference in my daily routine once I started eating it, that I could not believe the difference. Not only did I stop craving the sugar in the morning, but my weight loss got a huge boost.

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