Garlic: The Health Benefits of This Amazing Superfood

Garlic is known as one of the healthiest and most beneficial foods we can consume. Over many years it has been known as a remedy for the common cold and many other bacterial infections. However, there are many other benefits including acting as a powerful antioxidant, helping clear acne, and improving cardiovascular health, blood clots and cholesterol levels. This strong-smelling bulb is a member of the allium family, which also includes onions and leeks.

Garlic is known as a natural antibiotic, and the main reason people consume garlic, as a whole or as a supplement, is to help fight a cold, or other bacterial and viral infections. Not only is it able to control infection caused by bacteria, but is thought to prevent it. This is mainly through fresh garlic, which has been crushed and left for a few minutes before consuming. Cooking garlic can diminish its potency and the affect it has on bacteria.

One of the active ingredients in garlic can increase the antioxidant enzymes and help fight against free radical damage. It is also thought that the antibiotic and blood-cleansing properties of garlic can help to deal with acne problems.

There has been recent research into garlic and its effects on blood pressure and cholesterol. It is thought that people who consume a diet rich in garlic supplements or fresh garlic can reduce their blood pressure and lower blood triglyceride levels, resulting in a lower chance of stroke and heart disease.

The best way to include garlic into your everyday diet is through food; try to eat it raw after crushing or chopping it as this will help to release its active compounds. As garlic is a strongly flavoured food, it should not be consumed in excess as it may cause digestive problems. Very few people are allergic to garlic; however, if you get any skin rashes or irritations, please consult a doctor.

Overall, if you’re not already doing so, begin to include garlic into your daily diet, and start to see and feel the great health effects and benefits.

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