Get tough and stronger than ever with some Strong Man Training

Strong Man TrainingStrong Man Training


Strong man training involves exercises that target all muscle groups. It often involves carrying, pushing or pulling heavy awkward objects. The obvious benefit by using all major muscle groups is burning more calories but there are also the psychological benefits; participants advocate an increase in mental toughness and confidence.

Strong man training complements specific sports and labouring disciplines, involves high core stability and grip strength demands and is a fun/novelty factor.

The training can be practiced by everyone but can be challenging for novice athletes and is difficult to progressively overload.

Here are some practical strong man training exercises that you can easily perform:

The Tyre Flip:

Strong Man Tyre FlipStart of with a small tyre to practice technique then try and get your hands on a heavier tyre by contacting a tyre company to push around the backyard. There isn’t a single muscle group that is not worked in this exercise so those calories will be burning like there is no tomorrow! This exercise must be done explosively so use a tyre that is not too heavy. Get hands under the tyre and keep your back straight. Use lower body, lower back to traps not biceps as prime movers.

Farmers Walk:

Strong Man Farmers WalkThis is a great exercise to improve muscular endurance, anaerobic capacity, and grip, upper back and oblique strength. Try and find an awkward object around the house or a heavy pair of dumbbells to use.

Rope Pulling:

Strong Man Rope PullingTie a weight or something else heavy to a rope which is about 10 m long. Stand in a squat position with one end of the rope (weighted end up the other end) and pull the weight towards you.

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3 thoughts on “Get tough and stronger than ever with some Strong Man Training

  1. baz

    hi my name is barry an i want to try an make it in the strong man compition in 1year or 2years im just lookng for a personal trainer to guide me towards my goal please iv always been fasinated by da strong man compition all my life in america can you help me reach my goal plz i stay in melbourne australia ashwood im 28 years of age an iv gt nothing to lose

    1. Luke

      Hi Baz. We would love to help you out. Give us a call on 1300 362 311 and we can get the ball rolling. We look forward to speaking to you and getting you going!

      1. baz

        thank u for helping me i dnt smoke dnt do drugs an drink alchol once every 2 weeks not a big fan i stand at 6,2 weigh 125 kgs i love physical work an keen to commit my self to somthing iv always wanted to be i do concreting labouring for work so that keeps me nice an fit i cnt wait to met u an get the ball rolling

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