Getting Through The Festive Season

Christmas can be a trying time of year when it comes to sticking to your goals of losing weight and eating healthy. There are so many work, family and social functions to attend and lets face it they are not usually catered for those who are health conscious. It is important to remember when at these functions that it is not a sin to indulge on the odd occasion, but moderation is the key. Sit your self away from the food to ensure you don’t get tempted to over eat and reactively grab food with out thinking while in conversation and where possible make the choices that are best for you.
Aim to continue exercising through the festive period even if it is just getting everyone to go for a walk around the block together for 30 minutes after lunch, it is going to be better than nothing. A sensible goal to have throughout the period is to not get disappointed if you don’t lose any weight and to just maintain your current weight making sure you get back into the swing of things in the new year.

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