High Intensity Interval Training

High Intensity Interval TrainingHave you implemented high intensity training into you workouts?

If not, you should!  I have recently started implementing a lot of the principles of Tabata training, and other forms of high intensity interval training into my clients workouts with great success.  I am finding it is a great way to keep people working at an extremely high intensity for a longer period of time than with typical interval training.  And it’s definitely a better way of getting a lot more out of people than with traditional resistance training.  The average heart rate output can be kept much higher for much longer, which has a whole heap fitness and fat loss benefits.  The average heart rate readings with this type of training across a whole session are higher that with resistance or cardiovascular training alone.

So what are the best ways to implement this for yourself?

The best thing about interval training is the variety of activities it can be performed with, with great success.  You can change a numbers of variables to keep yourself interested as you improve and progress.

Generally working at a 2:1 ratio works well.

Another form of interval training, The Tabata protocol is a form of high intensity interval training that works with large muscle groups and compound movements over a 20 second work period with a 10 second rest break.  This is completed over 8 rounds and is designed to be very difficult, so make sure the load chosen, whilst being achievable should be tough.

Many of the crossfit “work out of the day” sessions are also designed to be completed as high intensity interval training sessions.

Remember that any high intensity intensity interval training sessions are designed to be extremely difficult.  You wont be able to complete these sessions back to back.  You will need to allocate adequate rest if you are working hard enough.

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